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In the past couple of months, we have watched hundreds of volunteers all over the country, from the Eastern Cape to Limpopo, working together to try to make a better life for themselves.

Kwanda, communities with Soul, was broadcast from the 2 September¦£??©À¨ª to the 23 November, on SABC1 on Wednesdays at 9pm. The show, which followed the activities of five volunteer teams as they worked to make their communities look better, work better and feel better.

Team Kwakwatsi won R1million as the team that was voted to have made the greatest impact in a community. However, all the teams also made a difference in their communities, making sure that children are not going hungry, reducing violent crime that causes so much pain and damage in our lives.

The Kwanda teams also inspired many South African TV viewers to take action to improve their communities.

Take Action

If you are¦£??©À¨ª Kwanda fan, join the Facebook group, where members will¦£??©À¨ª continue to be updated about the the initiatve post the TV show.¦£??©À¨ª People who are¦£??©À¨ª inspired by Kwanda to do something to help their communities can also register to join the Kwanda social network. This is where you will connect with people who share similar interests and values with you, and want to improve their own communities.

We are also planning to source and publish content that can help you in your volunteer activities. Non-profit organisations and individuals volunteers are welcome to publish articles about their activities in the blog section of the social network, and to share their challenges, triumphs and lessons learnt.

You can also publish comments and questions at the end of each post on this web site.

Uplift the community. Support the Kwanda brand ¨p?©À?©À©È fashion with a conscience, writes SOMAYA STOCKENSTROOM in an article published in the 10 June edition of Sunday World.

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Kwanda Klothing Wows Houston Fashionistas

keef jarmonFashionistas descended on Melodrama Boutique Saturday to check out samples from designer Selven O’Keef Jarmon’s Kwanda collection, which made its runway debut in South Africa in November and is gradually being introduced in the United States, reports The Houston Chronicle.

Dyes, wraps, beads and buttons figure heavily in the designs, developed for an international market during Jarmon’s work with six graduates of South African fashion institutions.

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Running An Enterprise

As previously mentioned, one the things you need to think about when working together to improve your community is to learn how to run an enterprise.

What is an enterprise?

An enterprise is any organised activity run by a group of people.

  • A soccer match is an enterprise that lasts 90 minutes.
  • Colonialism was an enterprise that lasted more than 300 years.
  • When a small-business person starts a bakery, this is also an enterprise.
  • Community members who come together to achieve something are forming an enterprise. Read More »

The Roles Of People In An Enterprise

The members of a community enterprise are those people who come together to form it, or who join it later.
The General Meeting of the members is the highest decision-making group of a community enterprise. For an enterprise to succeed, the tasks of leading and managing must be separated.

Leadership tasks

The first set of skills needed are the following:

  • Keeping the members¨p?©À?©À? best interests in mind.
  • Making sure members are aware of everything that is happening in the organisation.
  • Making sure they can contribute their ideas to help the organisation to go in the direction
  • they want.
  • Making partnerships with other organisations and individuals.
  • Sometimes simply speaking on behalf of the organisation is the only skill needed.

These are representative or political roles. An elected executive committee or board carries out
this function. Read More »

How To Organise An Awareness Event In Your Community

match against abuse and crime in Pefferville

match against abuse and crime in Pefferville

Many of¦£??©À¨ª our readers have expressed a desire to raise awareness in their communities about a particular issue, be it HIV, or the need to take care of the elderly or start a feeding scheme.

Here are some of the things you can do in your community as part of your awareness camapign:

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Project’s Mahala Turns to Millions

THEY started as a small group of volunteers working for mahala now they have won a million bucks, reports The Daily Sun.

They have won the Kwanda TV series grand prize of Ri million in the competition that was broadcast on SABC1. And they are a team of youths from Kwakwatsi near Koppies in the FreeState. Nkgono Choni (22) said they started the project by volunteering. She said when they started there were only a 100 volunteers. Then some of them gave up, saying they were not gaining anything from the project.

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